The Duncan Newby Surf Swim Challenge 2019

14th June 2019

Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club House
Perranporth , Cornwall

The Duncan Newby Swim Challenge 2019

14th June 2019

Closing Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 - 23:59

Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club proudly presents the SLSGB Duncan Newby Perranporth Surf Swim Challenge 2019

The Duncan Newby Perranporth Surf Swim is a new unique, non-competitive SLSGB team event, representing the ethos of Perranporth SLSC - a challenge requiring team spirit and co-operation.

Entry is in teams of 5 – each team having at least one designated rescue board paddler providing board rescue support.

In essence a simple 3000m endurance sea swim - but by entering and swimming as a team, rather than individually, introduces a key characteristics of a surf lifesaving – enduring your own physical challenge while maintaining awareness of the conditions and performance of those around you.

We wish you all the best swimming in the exposed conditions of the Atlantic Coast, and look forward to seeing you on the beach in June!

Event Details:

3 km surf swim
Swim the length of Perranporth Beach – from the northern end at Penhale Corner, finishing in front of the Perranporth SLSC clubhouse.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
All entrants to be current SLSGB members
Swimmers - current SLSGB Tube Rescue Qualification.
Board paddlers - current Level 2 Board Competency.

Event Schedule:
Friday 14th June
Registration: 16:00 - 17:30 - Perranporth SLSC
Race briefing: 18:15 – Penhale Corner
Race Start: 18:30 – Mass water start

Please note that the starting point is 2.5km from registration. It will not therefore be possible to accommodate late registrations - you won’t make it to the start on time.

Duncan Newby Swim Map

Entry Fee:
£50 per Team. There is a limit of 20 teams (100 entrants) in this race. Online Entry closes 23:59 Sunday 9th June 2019

Event Format Overview:
Having registered at Perranporth SLSC by 17:30 entrants will make their way along the beach to Penhale Corner. Transport will be provided for rescue boards.

At Penhale Corner, participants will be checked in by race officials by 18:15.

There will be a mass water start beyond the breaking waves, marked by a large turning can. This requires entrants to pass through the surf zone prior to the event.

To avoid injuries board paddlers and swimmers will be separated in the surf zone. Board paddlers will paddle out between the black and white flags. Swimmers will swim between the red and yellow flags.

Once through the surf, teams will regroup with their team board paddlers at the start marker, where the water based race starter will control participants ahead of the mass start at 18:30.

After the start, the line of the swim will be outside the surf zone, marked by a line of markers buoys at around 200m spacing along the length of the beach, to a point on Perranporh Beach, in front of the surf club.

At this second large turning marker can swimmers will turn and return through the surf zone to the shore.

To ensure separation between rescue boards and swimmers, board paddlers will be directed to paddle a further 50metres to a second turning point, before heading to shore.

Teams will regroup on the shore and will finish by crossing the finishing line in front of the clubhouse, with all members in contact with the rescue board.

Note sea conditions will be assessed prior to the event, which may lead to a shortening or reversing of the swim course.


Is the event a race?
No, the event is specifically not a race. The event follows a similar approach to Parkrun – the event will be timed, but there will be no winner.

This is a deliberate decision, as the ethos of the challenge is as a team event, and staying together during the swim is a key requirement of participation. Swimming and staying as a group in open water is one of the unique challenges of this event. We have removed the pressure of competition so that participants can concentrate on a different aspect of SLS skills in this event.

Can we have more than one board paddler in the team?
Absolutely. While there will only be one rescue board per team, as a team challenge, we encourage you to think about how you wish to complete the challenge. Some swimmers may want to swim the whole length as a challenge, supported by a board paddler as rescue cover, while for others the team could take it in turns to paddle the board. Our only requirement will be that the team stays together for the duration of the event.

Why are there Minimum Entry Requirements?
The format of the event over a long section of exposed Cornish Coast requires careful consideration of how it can be achieved safely. We have worked with SLSGB to devise a format that uses the buddying principles of water cover, so that all participants have a recognised level of competency in surf conditions.

As a SLSGB sanctioned event, all entrants must be current SLSGB members - swimmers having a current SLSGB Tube Rescue Qualification, and designated board paddlers a current Level 2 Board Competency.

Working with SLSGB, Perranporth SLSC is then able to provide event co-ordination and the overarching water cover using IRB and Board Paddlers to provide liaison between the IRB and the entrants – with the board paddler being able to support swimmers if required and call in the event watercover team as required.

Furthermore part of the ethos of the event is to encourage people to develop their skills and increase surf confidence through SLSGB recognised qualifications.

Why on a Friday evening?
A lot of thought has gone into how to make this event as safe as possible. Perranporth is an exposed beach, with strong tidal currents. Moreover for safety and to make the event work, we need full beach access, which can’t be achieved at high tide.

We’re therefore timing the event to coincide with a falling neap tide in the summer. For those interested on the 14th June High Tide is at 15:56 BST, and Low Tide 22:20BST. By holding the event on a falling tide, beach access is ensured, and the tidal current is moving from North to South, with the direction of the swim.

Duncan Newby

About Duncan Newby:

Duncan Newby was an Honorary Life Member of the Club, Lifeguard & Competitor for over 30 years. A talented swimmer, Duncan coached Club and County for many years. He fought through cancer, continuing to coach, compete and inspire until he passed away in 2008. Duncan showed good humoured courage and determination - an example to follow. His passion was such that Duncan and his family bequeathed money to the Club to continue this approach.

This event upholds this spirt within Perranporth SLSC – an inclusive, challenging and team surf-swim event, proudly hosted here at Perranporth Beach.

Location: Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club House

Perranporth SLSC

Event Organiser Perranporth SLSC